Mark Zilinsky

In 1963 when Mark was 7 years old his dad gave him one of his most cherished gifts, his first airplane ride. It was in a 1929 Burnner-Winkle Bird. Through the years Mark worked along side his dad as he taught him the skills and knowledge he gained through working on and flying old airplanes with old engines.

He soloed his dad’s Aeronca Champ in 1972 and earned his A&P license in 1975 and is currently an IA. Mark continues to fly and has logged over 20,000 hours in everything from J-3 Cubs to Boeing 757s. Although Mark has experience working in most areas in the restoration process, his specialty is woodworking. After 40 years he is a master at his craft.                                      

In 1981 Mark and is dad completed a SE.5a replica. Their masterful workmanship and meticulous attention to detail won them the Custom Built Bronze Lindy award that summer at Oshkosh.

Mark completed the ground up restoration of the family Cessna 170A in 2002.  His outstanding restoration work on the 170 won him the Peoples Choice Award at the annual 170 Convention in 2004, awards at Oshkosh in 2005 and again in 2006.

Mark started Chandelle Aeroplane Restoration LLC, in 2007. Still working along side his dad, they are both dedicated to providing outstanding craftsmanship with meticulous attention to detail while keeping the antique airplanes flying. 






 Bob Zilinsky

Bob can’t remember a time when airplanes were not in his life. In 1946 he started flying at Harlem Field in Chicago. He joined the Air Force in 1947 and earned his A&E license. He was a Crew Chief on the B-25 and B-17 along with a variety of other training planes. After getting out of the service he joined American Airlines and worked as a mechanic, then moved on to become a Flight Engineer. During Bob’s 40 year career at American he flew everything from the DC-6 to the DC-10. 

Through the years Bob has been very active in and dedicated to the antique airplane community. He has contributed to countless restoration projects ranging from the airplanes of WWI through WWII. He has always been willing to lend a hand with his expertise or extensive technical library in order to keep the antiques flying. 

Bob’s passion is WWI aviation. He built an SE.5a replica along with his son. Their masterful workmanship and meticulous attention to detail won them the Custom Built Bronze Lindy award at Oshkosh in 1981. Bob completed an extensive restoration on his 80 Le Rhone rotary engine and is currently working on a Nieuport 11 to install it in. His expertise with the rotary has helped many people with their projects all around the world.

Bob’s latest aviation milestone was joining the United Flyers Octogenarians when he flew his SE.5a the day after his 80th birthday!










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